Iran-Pakistan Pipeline Talks Underway

A00180927.jpgTEHRAN (FNA) – Talks between Pakistan and Iran on gas pipeline projects are underway and there are progress on many issues, Iran’s counsel general to Lahore said adding that few legal and technical issues are left and once ironed out, work on the project would start hopefully in the near future.Addressing a press conference Lahore on Saturday regarding the 29th anniversary of Iranian revolution, Saeed Kharazi said that the gas project was a tripartite deal between India, Pakistan and Iran.

Kharazi stressed that Iran’s foreign policy is based on the principle of having good relations with all countries without going against anyone.

“Our foreign policy is based on the teachings of Imam Khomeni and on his most valued guidance. Since the onset of the Islamic Revolution (in 1979) Iran has been making extensive and continuous efforts to promote unity and harmony among the Islamic states. The Iranian government has declared the current year as the “Year of National Unity and Islamic Solidarity” to achieve the objectives,” he added.

He said that Iran was committed to promote cooperation with Pakistan in all areas.

“Although provinces of Pakistan are equally important, but the Punjab has lots of potential. But unfortunately, these potentials are not exploited and I will took personal interest in my tenure in Lahore to take some viable steps in mutual cooperation through exchange of views and consultations with the Punjab authorities,” he added.

To conclude his remarks, the Iranian counsel general elaborated on the achievements of his countries after the revolution.

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