Mujahideen warn drug traffickers and moneylenders

37_1.jpgLeaflets containing a statement by representatives of the Ingush Command of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate were distributed in past two days in Wilayah of Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) at bus stops, markets and other public places, calling on drug traffickers, moneylenders and owners of gaming establishments to repent and to cease their activity during February, or face physical destruction.The statement, particularly, states:


“We call on all spreaders of dishonor, drug traffickers, usurers and owners of gaming establishments, who are ruining our citizens, to repent and cease their filthy activity on the territory of Ingushetia. We call on all who rent out premises for brothels and casinos, and on those who look after such establishments, who guard, clean and service the places where the Satans [shaytans] gather. Fear Allah, or you who engage in the debauchery of our brothers and sisters for the purpose of self-enrichment will be punished in accordance with Sharia law.”


It should be noted that a statement of this kind signed by Ingush Mujahideen leader Amir Magas appeared back in 2006, and was followed by some five attacks on the republic’s casinos with automatic weapons and grenade launchers. A series of arson attacks followed in March 2007, when Ingushetia’s best-known restaurant, the Golden Palace in Karabulak, was burned down, as was the Caravan restaurant in Nazran, a Nazran liquor store, and kiosks selling liquor in Malgobek.


One important detail in today’s message of Ingush Mujahideen, distinguishing it from the last appeal, is the threat of physical destruction to those who do not cease their activities by March 1 2008.


“Every time we avoid physical destruction, but perseverance of nits, who are parasitic on its people and debauch our people for the sake of its low-lying, selfish interests, forcing us to take special measures, right up to physical destruction of owners of perverse institutions.


With the above-mentioned statement, I declare that all drug traffickers and brothel owners, as well as the owners of gaming establishments in the territory of Ingushetia, who do not cease their activities by March 1 2008, will be our object for the physical destruction owing to Allah!”


Kavkaz Center

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