Ayatollah Kashani urges elections contenders to avoid backbiting

387815-14-54_n.jpgSubstitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani here on Friday called on the 8th Majlis elections campaigners to avoid backbiting and defaming their rivals.

Delivering his second sermon to this week’s Friday prayers congregation, Ayatollah Kashani said vilifying other candidates is against Islamic ethics and genuine principles of Islam.

“As Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution says, in elections campaign, the contenders should speak of themselves and their merits rather than backbiting and defaming each other,” said Ayatollah Kashani.

He said every Iranian has the duty to take part in the 8th Majlis elections on March 14.

He added that the countries raising publicity to avoid the public not to take part in the elections are the countries which want more sanctions against Iran and referral of its nuclear case to the UN Security Council.

The Friday prayers leader said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Head Mohammed ElBaradei announces in his report once again that Iran’s nuclear activities are fully peaceful.

“This is another victory for our country,” boasted the Ayatollah.

He said ElBaradei’s report on peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities is a victory, that is gained as result of Iranians’ resistance against the international pressures.

“Due to the same reason, the US, UK and Israel, that have always been standing against the IAEA, want referral of Iran’s case to the UN Security Council,” said Ayatollah Kashani, adding that the report has shaken pillars of the arrogance, the US, UK and Israel.

He said the world people have come to realize that Iran has never been after war-mongering, arms and use of N-bomb.

He stressed that the UN Security Council should return Iran’s case back to the IAEA because “in our view, the Council is not qualified to deal with the scientific and economic cases.” He said the Council has the competency to investigate global security issues and it has the duty to study “dirty” records of such countries as the US, UK and Israel.

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