Egyptian security forces raid Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian security forces have raided the houses of Muslim Brotherhood members and arrested more than 90 people from the banned political group, the Muslim Brotherhood said Wednesday on its Web site.

The Islamic group said the raids happened in six provinces including Cairo and Giza and took place ahead of April’s parliamentary elections.

The Web site posted some of the names of members who were arrested in each province, and they included businessmen and senior members of the officially banned yet tolerated popular group.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the main opposition group in parliament and has been subject to government crackdowns before.

Banned by the government, the group supports the creation of an Islamic state. It holds a significant number of seats in parliament and remains the most powerful rival to the government, despite a flurry of wide-sweeping arrests of its members in recent years.

A year ago, the group said Egyptian security forces arrested 73 of its members as a “pre-emptive step” before last April’s parliamentary elections.

Muslim Brotherhood members, running as independents, swept to power in elections in 2005 despite the group being banned from political activity.


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