Iran urges France to preserve its independence

Iran’s Ambassador to France, Ali Ahani, urged Paris on Tuesday to preserve its political and cultural independence from Washington by not following US anti-Iran policies. Addressing a press conference, he commented on Paris political convergence on US policies after coming to power of President Nicolas Sarkozy following the last May presidential election in France.

Confirming Paris present inclination towards Washington’s policies, Ahani said, “Even French public opinion has the same impression.”
The ambassador urged French policy-makers to act vigilantly as he said the people of France have always been proud of their cultural and political independence from the West.

Ahani’s comments were made amid reports that some members of the UN Security Council, including France, were pushing for adoption of a new anti-Iran resolution against the country’s peaceful nuclear activities despite the fact that a report, released on February 22 by the UN nuclear watchdog, has clarified the non-diversion of Tehran’s peaceful nuclear program.

The report was provided by Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, who said the agency has “managed to clarify all the remaining outstanding issues, which is the scope and nature of Iran’s enrichment program,”
ElBaradei also stressed that the IAEA “made good progress in clarifying the outstanding issues that had to do with Iran’s past nuclear activities.”
Assessing Paris present attitude towards Tehran, the Iranian ambassador expressed hope that French officials would vigilantly try to preserve the two capitals old relations in various fields.

Ahani also said he was optimistic that Tehran and Paris would successfully pass through the present juncture by using existing potentials to promote bilateral ties and cooperation.

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