Iranian Official Views Fresh UNSC Resolution on Iran as Ridiculous

TEHRAN (FNA) – Iran’s senior presidential advisor Mojtaba Samareh Hashemi said that ratification of a new resolution by the UN Security Council against Tehran over its peaceful nuclear activities will be ridiculous.

Samareh Hashemi told Japanese daily Mainichi that the UN Security Council should explicitly announce baselessness of its resolutions and apologize to world nations and governments, especially the Iranian nation and government, for the resolutions.

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to prove its nuclear rights and ask for compensations for the political and economic damage it has sustained because of the measures taken against its nuclear program.

The presidential aide added that the Iranian nation will not allow anybody to violate its absolute rights for access to peaceful nuclear technology.

He mentioned that if the UN Security Council commits more mistakes under pressure of the US and certain European states, new stances will be taken by Iran in connection with the nuclear issue.

The official said former UN Security Council’s anti-Iran resolutions had been issued on the basis of accusations and false claims of the US administration and certain European states.

Former UN Security Council resolutions are legally invalid and are not worth being implemented because based on recent IAEA and NIE reports the country’s nuclear activities are peaceful.

As an IAEA member committed to the NPT, Iran has acted upon its duties and answered all the Agency’s questions even ahead of the timetable and schedule and therefore it should insist on attaining its rights.

Samareh Hashemi said if the US rectifies its behavior, does not violate the Iranian nation’s rights and stops hatching plots, Iran will then think of rapprochement with that country.

He said that the US can change conditions by revising its behavior.

Today we see in practice that the US stances have not changed because they expressed pessimism about recent IAEA report regarding peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities and continued to take hostile stances against Tehran, he added.

Stressing that Iran’s foreign policy is based on justice and mutual respect, Samareh Hashemi said Iran is ready to expand ties and cooperation with all countries, except the Zionist regime.

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