Libya Opposes Anti-Iran Resolution

TEHRAN (FNA) – Libya’s envoy to the UN Security Council voiced his country’s opposition to a draft resolution proposed by France and the UK over Iran’s nuclear program.

Jadallah al-Talhi, who is now the UNSC Chairman, told Alalam Tuesday that Libya as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council is against issuance of any anti-Iran resolution aimed at toughening sanctions against the country.

He said his country opposes any such resolution with regard to recent progress in Iran’s nuclear program and recent report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran.

Al-Talhi said he is not informed of latest stances of other states vis-à-vis the draft resolution of France and Britain against Iran, and said that on Wednesday anything about decision on Iran will be clearer.

Based on the reports available, the great powers diplomats on Monday held a meeting in Washington to study the draft resolution of the UK and France on Iran.

Meanwhile, the US State Department spokesman said in a statement Monday that the great powers have called on the UNSC to issue a resolution against Iran as soon as possible.

Britain and France had extended the draft resolution to the UNSC on Thursday but non-permanent members of the Council, including South Africa, Indonesia, Libya and Vietnam proposed some considerations over the draft.

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