2nd mobile phone tower destroyed in S Afghanistan

KABUL, March 2 (Xinhua) — Following Taliban outfit’s threat to target mobile phone companies’ towers in Taliban-held areas, the second boasting tower of ROSHAN mobile phone firm was destroyed in Afghanistan’s troubled Helmand province, locals said.

“Taliban destroyed the boasting tower of ROSHAN company in Sangin district Saturday night and since then there is no telephone facilities,” an elder of the district told Xinhua but refused to be identified.

However, Mohammad Hussain Andiwal, the police chief of Helmand province, when approached by Xinhua scribe confirmed the event, and adding “We cannot contact our men in Sangin as ROSHAN tower has been damaged.”

He did not say if Taliban insurgents were behind the attack.

Feda Mohammad, who claims to speak for the Taliban militants in talks with media outlets, claimed responsibility for destroying the mobile company’s tower in Sangin district.

Taliban militants also destroyed another tower of the same mobile company in the neighboring Kandahar province Saturday night.

Early in the week, Taliban militants warned mobile phone companies to shut down signaling from dusk to dawn as security forces through the facility track down Taliban loyalists in certain southern provinces of the country where militants are active.

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