Iran proposes forming special committee for nuclear disarmament

Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki has called for the formation of a special committee for total nuclear disarmament.Addressing the United Nations Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on Wednesday, Mottaki said world countries should seek a diplomatic solution to differences in line with the United Nations charter and avoid pursuing dangerous policies such as military invasion against other countries.


“Developing military doctrines based on preemptive attacks and imposing illegal sanctions clearly contradict the terms of the UN charter,” the foreign minister noted.


“Today, the international community is deeply concerned about the production of thousands of nuclear warheads at the arsenals of some nuclear countries,” he added.


He said, “Imposing illegal and unjustifiable sanctions against other countries, using international organizations for serving the interests of certain powers, making baseless accusations against other countries under the pretext of alleged concerns about the proliferation of nuclear weapons, distorting reality to accuse other countries of  breaking disarmament agreements, and misleading public opinion” have worried the global society.


“Today, having veto power and possessing nuclear weapons have become a means of bargaining for the illegitimate rights of some powers,” Mottaki lamented.


 Iran supports multilateralism


Iran has based its foreign policy on multilateralism “in order to have other countries’ contribution to international decision makings”, Mottaki said on the sidelines of the conference.


He described nuclear disarmament as the symbol of multilateralism and called on the disarmament conference to make every effort to play a serious role in increasing the world’s security.


The foreign minister said Iran believes major political stances are not adopted in line with justice which is human’s major demand. The 60-year-old strategies have lost efficiency in international relations, he observed.


Mottaki blamed the U.S. wrong policy on Iraq which led to the murder of over 600 thousand Iraqis in five years.


“Terrorism and occupation are the two sides of a coin and each of them justifies its existence with the other,” he noted.

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