Iran Sells Petrol Outside Quota System

A02285554.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian government finally decided to provide the country’s motorists with non-rationed petrol to give them a free hand in taking family trips during the new year holidays, starting this weekend.

“As of 2400 hrs on 27 Esfand 1386 (17 March 2008) un-rationed petrol will be sold. This will be done using a simple method that involves special cards that could be obtained at petrol stations,” Director of the smart petrol card program announced here on Sunday.

“Allocations for the months of Ordibehest and Khordad (Iranian months starting on 21 April) will be credited to petrol ration cards in conjunction with the introduction of un-rationed petrol,” Seyed Naser Sajjadi added.

He also stressed that all necessary actions have been taken with this regard in the petrol smart card system.

He said that the cost of un-rationed petrol would be set in line with Article 13, adding that the price (per liter) of un-rationed petrol should be announced by the end of the day.

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