Iranian Jewish MP condemns religious desecration

Iranian Jewish lawmaker Moris Mo’tamed on Monday called on the “followers of all religions” to protest against any sacrilege against divine religions.

“It is a rational principle in modern societies that anyone should respect the rights of others and be mindful of other religions’ redlines,” Mo’tamed told the Mehr News Agency.

“Duty is heavier for followers of Abrahamic religions to observe religious redlines and respect the beliefs of others because they enjoy the majority of the world’s religious makeup,” he observed.

Mo’tamed suggested “holding dialogue between Abrahamic religions” in order to confront the problem of insulting religious beliefs.

It has been a central theme of conferences and symposiums around the world and Iranian government has also taken steps to promote the idea in Iran, he added.

The Jewish lawmaker said if the followers of various religions work together, they can help prevent the desecration of sanctities.

 “When a journalist, cartoonist or filmmaker realizes that their work is not popular, they will no longer feel motivated to continue,” Moris Mo’tamed stated.



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