Iran Army Sophisticated, Undefeatable

A04090034.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s army said the country is equipped with highly sophisticated military equipment that has not yet been unveiled.

“Today, the Iranian army is equipped with highly sophisticated military equipment, which it does not deem necessary to display before the eyes of insiders or outsiders,” press tv quoted Major General Ataollah Salehi as saying in Tehran on Monday.

Salehi added that the airborne radar that was showcased during Thursday’s aerial parade was only one item in Iran’s newly developed military technology.

The commander also said that the Iranian army is capable of producing and maintaining advanced weapons, as it has acquired the necessary technology.

He then went on to compare Iran in terms of military competence with countries that purchase their weapons from Western states, saying, “Although some countries that have grown strong thanks to US support possess advanced weaponry, I can assure you that their foreign-supplied weaponry will be of no use to them if one day they make the decision to stand on their own feet, because they will not have access to the technology.”

“This is why the Iranian armed forces are undefeatable,” he added.

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