Zakayev’s official meets Kadyrov’s official

Kavkazan Haamash edition reported referring to the pro-Russian puppet website Grozny-Inform that surgeon Hasan Baiev, who now lives in the US, has come to visit the occupied Chechnya the other day. Hasan Baiev gained popularity after he amputated the leg of military Amir Shamil Basayev (Shaheed, Insha Allah) by using a simple hacksaw. Basayev’s amputated leg became a sort of a “headstart” for Baiev. He wrote a book about that story and headed the “Foundation of Assisting the Children of Chechnya”.


It was reported that Baiev’s meeting was held in Kadyrov’s “Ministry of Culture”, which is headed by someone named Dikalu Muzakayev.


According to the official version of pro-Russian Kadyrov’s collaborators, “the main subject of the conversation was the discussion of the issue of preservation of the language, customs and traditions of the Chechen nation among the fellow countrymen who left their homeland due to various reasons during the two war campaigns”.


Kadyrov’s “Minister of Culture” offered to set up “cultural centers in the Chechen emigrant communities, where the native language and culture could be propagandized and popularized, which would promote the preservation of the nation, instead of its assimilation”.


Meanwhile the Kavkazan Haamash, which is referring to its sources close to the circle of former Chechen minister AkhmedZakayev, who is now living in London and who organized a group of the so-called “telephone government of Euro-Ichkeria”, which announced its opposition to the Caucasus Emirate, surgeon Hasan Baiev is holding the post of “Minster of Healthcare and Social Protection” in Zakayev’s London “telephone government”.


However, the periodical writes that the fact of Baiev’s participation in Zakayev’s group is not being advertised.


No information is available on whether Baiev met with his colleague, Kadyrov’s “Minister of Healthcare” Shahid Akhmadov. It was officially reported that he only met with “Minister of Culture” Dikalu Muzakayev, who is a colleague of Mr. Zakayev, who in turn used to be in charge of Ichkerian “culture” for as long as 12 years (1994 to 2006).


The thing is that Akhmed Zakayev (real name Amat, which translates as “image”) and Dikalu Muzakayev (named after Bolshevik revolutionary Gikalo from Grozny) are not only colleagues in “culture”, but they are close friends in real life, who never lost touch with each other to this day.


Both of them graduated from Grozny School of Education and Culture majoring in “choreography” (“Art of Dance”). It is a known fact that during the soviet rule the School of Education and Culture was an affiliate of State Political Administration and the KGB, which was responsible for training the “experts in the area of ethnic culture” for working with the masses.


Later the roads of both Chechen choreographs, future “ministers of culture”, had parted for a little while: Zakayev graduated from Voronezh State Institute of Arts majoring in “Art of Acting”, and Muzakayev went to the Moscow State Institute of Culture majoring in “Cultural and Educational Social Work”.


During the times of Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Zakayev was working as an actor in Chechen-Ingush Nuradilov Drama Theater, and Muzakayev was working as an actor in the ethnic dance ensemble Vainakh.


Back when Zakayev was Minister of Culture of CRI (Chechen Republic of Ichkeria) Muzakayev was a dancer in the Theater of Folk Dance Nokhcho.


The periodical also reported that the meeting of Zakayev’s emissary with the minister of Kadyrov’s “culture” Muzakayev is actually the first public contact between Kadyrov’s pro-Russian collaborators and people of Zakayev.


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