Prostitution – the first sign of a successful democratization

60_1.jpgIslam Online website tells a story of Afghan girl Fatima, who returned home in anticipation of a better life after the capture by gangs Northern Alliance, supported by US of Kabul, and establishment in Afghanistan the of pro-Western democratic regime.

But instead of a good life she had to sell her body to make a living.


“I had no other way,” the 19-year-old girl says.


After returning from Iran, Fatima knocked every door in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif in quest for a job, but in vain.


Being unable to feed his mother, two sisters and younger brother, Fatima began to engage in prostitution. Now she goes every day to the streets in search of customers.


Desperate to sustain her mother, two sisters and young brother, she eventually found no other option but prostitution. Fatima now roams the streets every day, her face heavily painted with all sorts of make-up, in search for clients.


“I get up early in the morning and wander around the city,” she tells. “My customers stop me and give me a lift and then we talk about the price.”


According to RAWA, an independent organization, prostitution has become widespread in conservative Afghanistan since the 2001 departure of Taliban. Prostitution is even taking formal root, with brothels operating and pimps managing prostitutes openly in some cities.


In doing so, formally Karzai democratic regime, proclaiming commitment to “Sharia morality”, adopted a law under which adultery is punishable that carries a penalty of from 5 to 15 years in jail. However, no one thinks to observe this law. Money solves anything.


The website tells the story of another woman. 24-year old Nasrin, living in the city of Kunduz in the north of the country, said that prostitution was the legacy she bequeathed from her mother.


“My father died in war, my mum was a widow and I did not know what she did for work,” she explains.


“Later I understood she was a prostitute. One day she encouraged me to have sex with a man who came to our house.”


Nasrin is now quite familiar with the world of prostitution, having sex with men for money sometimes several times a night.


“I really wanted to be a good lady and live with my husband, but now everyone sees me as a prostitute. My life is spoiled”, she sobbed.


After 7 years of the establishment of a democratic regime in Afghanistan prostitution and drug addiction literally swept the country. Local human rights activists blame the puppet regime occupational democratic forces that have brought crime and debauchery to Afghan people.


In Taliban period, who established Sharia laws, these evils have been virtually eradicated in Afghan society despite the fact that the Taliban ruled only for 5 years old.

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