Al Wefaq Rejects Anti-Iran Remarks

A0194602.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Bahrain’s Al Wefaq parliamentary bloc has rejected the recent anti-Iran statements made by the commander-in-chief of the defense forces.

In a recent interview with the Al-Hayat daily, the Commander-in-Chief of Bahrain’s Defense Forces, Sheikh Khalifa bin Ahmad al-Khalifa accused Manama’s dissidents of having links with Iran.

“Such remarks are part of a worn-out tape, which continually blamed foreign entities for the country’s internal problems. The world is tired of listening to this tape,” the Head of the Al Wefaq parliamentary bloc, Khalil Marzouq, was quoted by press tv as saying.

The repetition of “such false claims” is a “hopeless attempt” to deprive the citizens of their rights by creating uncertainties and suspecting their loyalty, Marzouq added.

“Those, whom al-Khalifa accuses and doubts about their loyalty, will be the first ones to sacrifice their lives for their country,” he stressed.

Marzouq also criticized al-Khalifa for not providing equal job opportunities in the defense forces for all the Bahrainis, noting that the commander-in-chief is trying to evade the problems caused by his mistaken policies of creating “imaginary enemies”.

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