Mujahideen strike on murtadin. Kuffar confess to problems

22_1.jpgAccording to sources in Wilayah Ghalghaycho (Ingushetia) of the Caucasus Emirate, at night of 20 Jumada Al-‘Awwal 1429 (25 May 2008), near the village of Yandar, the Mujahideen fired on checkpoint of local murtadin. The fire was conducted by sniper rifles. Information regarding the casualties of murtadin has been reported.Anti-Zyazikov’s opposition sources have reported that on Saturday evening, at checkpoint near Malgobek city, local murtadin fired on a car with schoolchildren who were returning from the so-called “the last school ring”. The reason of the fire was not reported. Several schoolchildren were seriously injured as a result of attack.


Meanwhile, mobile unit of Mujahideen under command of Amir Yaseer has carried out an attack on gang of murtadin near the village of Regiti, southern region of Wilayah Nokhchicho (Ichkeria/Chechnya). According to a source of AlKavkaz website, 2 murtadin were eliminated and several others together with 2 Mujahideen were wounded as a result of this attack..


The occupation sources in turn admit that with the onset of spring combat actions have intensified almost throughout the foothill and mountain areas of Wilayah Nokhchicho. Mujahideen conduct combat operations, sabotage actions, inflict heavy blows on the locations and convoy of Russian kuffar and Chechen murtadin.


Sabotage squads often set up roadblocks, catching kuffar and murtadin, arranging ambushes en route of military convoys. The units of the Mujahideen enter settlements and carry out “cleansing” of villages from the most active supporters of Russian invaders.


Explaining the ongoing battles, kuffar state that the Mujahideen are receiving support of local people, and that is why “it’s to deal with them “.


One of the Russian occupation ringleaders somebody named Sivak, a member of the gang named as “Combined Grouping of Troops” on the territory of occupied Emirate of Caucasus, said that youth is still departure to the mountains and that “troops continue to incur casualties”.


The confessions of a ringleader of occupation gang outraged Chechen murtadin who for a long time and stubbornly insist that a couple of dozen “militants” are running around in the mountains, who just about to be finished off. Kadyrov and his entourage took Sivak’s words as a personal insult and an attempt to “earn orders and ranks, introducing the situation in such a way that the war in Chechnya is still goes on”.

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