Iran’s cooperation with IAEA ‘far beyond’ NPT obligations

Iran-Nuclear Programme (IRNA)

Iran has not only cleared all outstanding issues with regard to its nuclear programme but also cooperated with the IAEA “far beyond its treaty obligations,” according to the Iranian Embassy in Oslo.

Commenting on the latest IAEA, the Embassy said that the director general “attests to the exclusively peaceful nature of the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran, both in the past and at present.”
“The report also shows that Iran, as a responsible and transparent member of the NPT, is fully committed to its international obligations with regard to its peaceful nuclear program, and has been robustly cooperating,” it said.

The latest report comes after the IAEA confirmed in February that all six outstanding issues had been concluded in accordance with an agreed work plan reached last August.

By resolving all outstanding issues and continuing its cooperation, “Iran has removed any so-called “concerns” or “ambiguities” with regard to its peaceful nuclear activities in the past and at present,” the Embassy said in a statement.

It has “undoubtedly eliminated the most basic pretexts and allegations on the basis of which Iran’s peaceful nuclear program was conveyed to the Security Council, and demonstrates that the actions taken against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the Security Council have been unfair, unwarranted and unlawful.”
The statement also referred to Iran’s cooperation with regard to the new creation of “so-called Alleged Studies issue” as “yet another indication of its seriousness of cooperation and its determination in leaving no stones unturned.”
This was in spite of the alleged studies “not been an outstanding issue” between Iran and the IAEA and was again baseless “made by certain circles to undermine the positive momentum created in Iran’s cooperation.”
“In the wake of the latest reports of the IAEA, Iran’s peaceful nuclear program should be dealt with solely by the Agency as a regular item on its agenda,” the Embassy said.

“Thus, as envisaged in the Work Plan, the safeguards
implementation in Iran would be in a routine manner,” it said.

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