Putin: There are both good and bad Wahabites

28_1.jpgDuring his interview to Le Monde, the ringleader of the gang called “the government of the Russian Federation”, Putin, has clarified the Kremlin’s position concerning the so-called “Wahabism”, which was the cause for Russia’s second invasion of Ichkeria and unleashing of the bloody war all across the North Caucasus.“We have seen the reaction of the Chechen people to the attempts to instill the nontraditional forms of Islam into the minds of the local population. Wahabism is a normal occurrence, there is nothing fearful in Islam, but there are some extremist trends within Wahabism. These are the trends that were attempted to be instilled into the minds of the Chechen people. And people understood it perfectly well. They understood that someone fights not for their interests, but instead tries to use them as a tool in order to undermine the Russian Federation as an important and significant player on the international arena,” Putin announced and thereby explained that Wahabists are both “good” and “bad”.


In this connection we will remind that so-called Wahabism is a “state ideology of Saudi Arabia”. At least the West and Russia consider the Royal government in Riyadh as being “Wahabist”. At the same time Saudi Arabia remains a key US ally in the Islamic world, even though Washington and its allies are waging the war against “Wahabism” worldwide.


Similar situation arose in the relations between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The new war in the Caucasus was proclaimed under the slogan of “fight against Wahabism”. Ringleader of Chechen Murtads (apostates, pro-Russian collaborators) Kadyrov is fighting against “Wahabism” too. And so does the ringleader of the London democratic group Zakayev. It nonetheless does not stop the same Kadyrov from paying friendly visits to the “den of Wahabism”, Saudi Arabia, and being received and caressed (on Putin’s request) by the chief “Wahabist”, the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah.


At times the ideological confusion in the heads of Chechen Murtads (apostates, pro-Russian puppets) leads to funny things. A few years ago Kadyrov’s puppet “mufti” Mirzayev was asked why Kadyrov’s men are at enmity with “Wahabists”, since “Wahabist” Saudi Arabia is friendly to Russia. He answered, “We differentiate between our Wahabists and the Saudi ones. Ours are “Wahabists”, they are extremists and terrorists”, and in Saudi Arabia they are not “Wahabists”, they are “Wahabites”, they are normal.”


This, the whole ideological difference is in the “ist” against the “ite”.


Interestingly, pro-Western Chechen national democrats and their leaders claim that “Wahabism” is a brainchild of Russian secret services. At the same time pro-Russian Chechen apostates are claiming that “Wahabism” is a brainchild of British secret services as well. Yet at the same time both the West and Russia are in active friendly relationship with the Saudi “Wahabis”, while they are waging the bloody war against Muslims all around the world under the motto of fight against “Wahabism”, and yet “Wahabist” Saudi Arabia is actively helping them in this cause.


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