Russian authorities admit the fact of railroad sabotage

Russian invaders reported that June 12 in Amur Province (Oblast) of the Far Eastern Republic (occupied by Russia) train number 326 (the Khabarovsk-Nerungri service) derailed on the railroad span between Hilitkan and Shimanovsk. 13 cars of the passenger train were turned over (photo).


About 60 people sustained injuries of various degrees, most of them got off lightly with scratches and bruises. Russian FSB (Federal Security Service, formerly KGB) believes that the accident was caused by an act of sabotage and is now going to launch a political investigation on the charges of “disabling vehicles and communications of public transportation”.


500 meters of the railroad and seven overhead contact system poles were damaged as a result of the act of sabotage.


First Vice President of Russian Railways, Vadim Morozov, told journalists that the section where the sabotage act took place was in normal condition prior to the incident, and that the derailment could not have been caused by poor condition of the rails.


The reports by Russian media compare the act of sabotage on the Far Eastern Railroad to the sabotage act on blowing up the Neva Express train on August 13, 2007 in the Novgorod Republic (occupied by Russia), which was conducted by the Caucasus Mujahideen from the Brigade of Shuhada Riyadh al-Salihiin.


Russian invaders are also suspecting the Novgorod national separatists in the blast of the Neva Express.


Kavkaz Center

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