Russian kuffar come up with their own ‘version’ of events in Elistanzhi

After the Command of Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate released the report about the successful operation in the village of Elistanzhi, the sources of the Russian invaders came up with their own “version” of the special night operation by the Mujahideen, as usual.  

Russian kuffar announced that “a group of armed men opened fire at the village police station, killing one policeman and one peaceful civilian”. The invaders claim that “the armed group was in the village no longer than 15 minutes”, and “searches” are now underway.


After each successful operation carried out by the Caucasus troops the command of the Russian invaders and their local puppets are doing their best to hide not only the very fact that the events did happen, but to completely distort the real story.


Meanwhile, KC sources reported that this successful operation was given a high rating by the Command of Eastern Front of the Caucasus Emirate Armed Forces. Commander of Eastern Front Amir Aslanbek expressed gratitude to Commanders (Amirs) Hussein and Selim for the successful accomplishment of the order issued by Commander-In-Chief of the Caucasus Emirate Dokka Abu-Usman.


Commander Aslanbek reminded that the most recent operations in Benoi, combat missions near Dargo, and today’s operation in Elistanzhi are part of the spring/summer military campaign. Commander promised that the combat operations by Caucasus Armed Forces will be on the increase: increase of the forces involved as well as deeper penetration into the territories controlled by the enemy.


Kavkaz Center

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