Russian war criminal threatens the US with war in the Artic

76_1.jpgOn photo: Scandalous photo of US President Bush with Russian war criminal Shamanov. After the publication of this photo the White House came up with an excuse of not being aware of accusations against that criminal.Gang leader of the Russian Defense Ministry’s combat training directorate, Vladimir Shamanov, told the Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star) newspaper, “Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has decided to start making specific plans for the military training exercises in the Arctic in response to the statements by several foreign leaders who disputed Russia’s claims on the Arctic continental shelf.”


“Modern wars are won or lost long before they start,” stated the war criminal, who is wanted by the authorities of the Caucasus Emirate for sadism and mass murders of peaceful civilians.


The gang leader mentioned, “The Americans, for example, recently conducted the Northern Edge 12-day large-scale exercise in Alaska, involving about 5,000 personnel, 120 aircraft and several warships.”


“Combat training directorate certainly will not ignore such facts when planning the training of the troops,” Shamanov promised.


Back in early May the war criminal strongly criticized the US military exercise in Alaska. He stated that these exercises are allegedly “going against the whole number of international agreements on peaceful scientific work in the regions of North and South poles.”


“Such maneuvers will lead to nothing good but aggravation of tensions and anxieties, even though the US Armed Forces personnel will probably acquire some skills of operating in Northern latitudes,” Shamanov announced.


He also told journalists that “military units in the Leningrad, Siberian and Far Eastern military districts are being trained for operations in Northern and Arctic regions.”


Moscow has dispatched two Russian outdated airplanes TU-95 to “patrol” the remote areas of the Arctic. The objective of the flight was quoted as “acquisition of skills in flying in Northern latitudes by the pilots”.


We would also like to remind our readers that the dispute over who controls what in the Arctic has become more heated with growing evidence that global warming is shrinking polar ice, opening up new shipping lanes and resource development possibilities.


A US study suggests the area may contain as much as 25 percent of the world’s undiscovered oil and gas.


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