Chechen pro-Russian accomplices go AWOL and flee from Abkhazia

39_1.jpgChechen pro-Russian accomplices (whom we call murtadin/apostates) from the Zapad (“West”) and Vostok (“East”) gangs have left the ranks of the troops of Russian invaders in Abkhazia without any permission. Georgia-based Rustavi-2 TV channel reported that yesterday up to 90 Chechen pro-Russian accomplices left Russian checkpoints 304 and 204 in the villages of Saberio and Muzhava, Gali District, without any permission and left for the forest without any notice whatsoever.  

As Chechen apostates have explained, the reason why they left was that their assignments do not comply with the “peacekeeping mandate”. For instance, according to them, the command of the Russian troops orders them to attack Georgian checkpoints and Georgian population.


The remaining Chechen apostates demand to be withdrawn from Abkhazia. It was reported that Russian headquarters has put the runaway Chechen apostates on the wanted list. Starting Saturday morning, Russians have been using helicopters in the direction of Saberio-Muzhava (upper zone of Gali District) to search for the escapees. On the order of Joint Staff of the Russian troops, the Russian invaders’ Chief of Staff Eugene (Yevgeny) Ochalov has been replaced by Igor Luchnikov.


Earlier on the Georgian sources announced that they have the information that both Moscow and Abkhazian breakaway government in Sukhumi have agreed on the latest details of the plan in the war against Georgia.


Georgia expects that Moscow plans to attack Kodori and the operation is scheduled for August 11-12. According to the information of the Caucasus Emirate’s Intelligence Service (Mukhabarat), Moscow has scheduled the war operation against Georgia for the period between August 20 and September 10.


Brigades of Russian paratroopers are already in Abkhazia. These units were brought to the conflict zone in violation of the existing agreements and without coordinating these actions with Georgian central government in Tbilisi. Russia also brought its railroad troops into the region, which at this stage are in the process of setting up the infrastructure for transferring large military compounds into Abkhazia, as Georgia Online reported.


Georgian government believes that Chechen pro-Russian accomplices from the Vostok gang, which is still under the command of Kadyrov’s rival Sulim Yamadayev, will be involved in provoking the war operations.


Yamadayev’s men, dressed in uniforms of Georgian Special Forces, are supposed to attack a checkpoint of Russian “peacekeepers”, which will result in a clash and casualties on both sides.


Afterwards a picture of several “assailants” dressed in Georgian Special Forces uniforms will be shown on TV. ID badges of Georgian Special Forces will be produced as well. The killed Yamadayev’s accomplices will be presented as “eliminated Georgian aggressors”.


Russian Defense Ministry will make an announcement that a group of attackers from Georgian Special Forces left in the direction of the Kodori Gorge and “took Russian peacekeepers as prisoners”.


A large-scale storm of the Kodori Gorge by the Russian troops is supposed to start after the propaganda preparation.


The objective of the provocation is to establish a full control over the Kodori Gorge and to conduct a large-scale ethnic cleansing of the remaining Georgian population, with a subsequent attack on the cities of Zugdidi and Kutaisi.


According to the reports from the Georgian side, 45 railcars loaded with Russian weaponry have been brought to Abkhazia over the past week. The freight has already been distributed among the military sectors.


Moreover, redeployment of troops is being done in the Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) direction as well. Preparatory work for deploying additional units of the Russian troops is now underway.
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