Iran Denies US Allegations on Iraq

A02029281.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations accused Washington of trying to use Tehran as a scapegoat for its own blunders in Iraq.

In a statement circulated at the United Nations on Wednesday, Mehdi Danesh-Yazdi categorically rejected US allegations that Iran supports instability in neighboring Iraq, press tv reported.

The statement was in response to remarks made by the US Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Iraq. Wolff had accused Iran of destabilizing Iraq.

“During the recent operations in Basra, Sadr City and Maysan, Iraqi troops uncovered convincing evidence that Iranian lethal aid has continued to flow into Iraq,” Wolff had said.

Danesh-Yazdi’s statement said that Iran, as a victim of terrorism, condemns all forms of terrorism in Iraq and continues to support the Iraqi government in fighting this problem.

“Iran strongly backs stability and unity in Iraq and rejects any act aimed at damaging security or national solidarity in that country.”

The statement added the US was trying to use others as a scapegoat for its own incorrect policies in Iraq, stressing the source of instability in Iraq is not Iran but the continued presence of US and other occupation forces.

Iran says it will benefit from peace and stability in the Middle East, in particular, the peace of its immediate neighbors. Tehran has repeatedly demanded the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq, which it says could restore peace in the war-ravaged country.

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