FACTBOX: Developments in Georgia

(Reuters) – Following are developments in Georgia at 1030 gmt on Sunday:

— A senior Russian defense official said Russian troops controlled most of Tskhinvali, the South Ossetian capital.

— The Russian general staff confirmed that Georgian troops have started to leave Tskhinvali.

— A Georgian military convoy carrying troops and towing heavy artillery withdrew from South Ossetia through the village of Ergneti, just inside Georgian-controlled territory south of Tskhinvali.

— Russian warships which arrived at the Georgian Black Sea coast on Sunday have been ordered to prevent weapons from reaching the Caucasus state, Interfax news.

— Russia bombed a military airfield outside the Georgian capital early on Sunday and Tbilisi said the Russians were also massing troops in Abkhazia, another rebel region.

— An EU-U.S. delegation heads for Georgia to try to broker an end to the conflict.

— Georgia said Russia had landed 4,000 troops by sea in Abkhazia overnight.

— Georgia said Russian planes had bombed Georgia’s military airfield 12 km (8 miles) from Tbilisi, and a plant there producing Sukhoi Su-25 ground fighters. There were no injuries.


— The White House on Sunday deplored Russia’s military action in the Georgia conflict as “dangerous and disproportionate” and warned it could have a “significant long-term impact” on relations between Washington and Moscow.

— Britain advised its citizens to leave Georgia as soon as possible unless they had an urgent need to stay.

— Ukraine said it reserved the right to bar Russian warships sent to the Georgian coast from returning to their Ukrainian base, Sevastopol.

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