Iran Calls for Immediate Cessation of Hostilities in S. Ossetia

A01531456.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Saturday called for an immediate stop of military conflicts in South Ossetia, and voiced readiness to offer any help to end the crisis in South Ossetia.

“The Islamic republic voices concern over the military conflicts in South Ossetia that have led to the killing of defenseless people and calls for an immediate halt to the clashes,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi said.

He further voiced Tehran’s preparedness to help restore peace and stability to the region, saying that Iran spares no efforts to resolve the crisis peacefully.

“Iran is ready to offer any help … under its principled stances and policies of contributing to the establishment of peace and stability in the region,” Ghashghavi added.

“A worsening of such crises could leave negative impacts on the stability and security of the Caucasus and affect the entire region with its negative consequences,” he said, urging the two sides to negotiate.

The spokesman expressed the hope that the belligerent rivals would exercise vigilance to help resolve the issue through peaceful means.

Iran borders on two of Georgia’s neighbors in the Caucasus – Armenia and Azerbaijan – and historically maintains a close geopolitical interest in the region.

Fighting was underway for a second night running in the Georgian separatist region of South Ossetia on Saturday.

Russia dispatched an armored column into South Ossetia on Friday after Georgia launched a surprise offensive to crush separatists.

The fighting, which devastated the capital of Tskhinvali, threatened to ignite a wider war between Georgia and Russia, and escalate tensions between Moscow and Washington. Georgia said it was forced to launch the assault because of rebel attacks; the separatists alleged Georgia violated a cease-fire.

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