Jalili meets Iraq’s Kurdish regional government premier

A01531458.jpgTEHRAN, (ISNA)-Iran will do its best to provide Iraq’s security vital for the country’s development, said Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili as meeting prime minister of Iraq’s Kurdish regional government Nechirvan Barzani.

Barzani along with a high-ranking delegate of Kurdish local authorities has stepped in Tehran to meet Iranian officials.

Jalili also said cultural and historical similarities has so firmly fastened the two countries together which can not be broken off by any country.

The Iranian official also said the two sides follow the same strategic view on regional security.

Barzani for his part appreciated Iran’s supports for restoring peace and order to the county as calling aids landmark.

He also described Iran’s role in coping with Iraq’s current challenges as significant and delivered a report over present economic, diplomatic and security condition.

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