Barzani calls for Iranian businessmen to invest in Iraq’s Kurdish

TEHRAN,  (ISNA)-Iraq’s Kurdish regional prime minister Nechirvan Barzani made sure Iranian businessmen over Kurdistan’s security and said the region with great potentials and natural resources has paved the way for making investment.

Barzani holding talks with the head of Iran-Iraq chamber of commerce, Iran’s investment organization managing director and some Iranian businessmen also discussed obstacles to promote economic cooperation.

He also said the region is ready to support Iranian financers on building roads, constructing power plants and infrastructures.

He also said Kurdistan is a door for Iran to take part in Iraq’s markets and advised Iranian businessmen to consider the region as the first step for making investment in Iraq.

Also secretary general of Iran-Iraq economic development organization said the mount of Iran-Iraq commercial exchanges reached 2.5 billion dollars last year that 40 percent of which was made between Iran and Iraq’s Kurdistan.

He also said the amount would reach to 3 billion dollars in near future.

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