Humanitarian Damages Resulting form Russian Aggression Again Georgia

42_1.jpgDamages of civil airports

August 11, 2008 05:00 Shiraki airfield in Dedoplistskaro District on the east of the country is bombed by Russian jets. Runways were destroyed.

August 9 14:00 Russian air force attack Upper Abkhazia (Kodori gorge) in several places, including the airdrome in the village of Omarishara. Runways were destroyed

August 9 10:00 Russian air force bomb Kopitnari airdrome in several kilometers from Kutaisi. Runways were destroyed

Damages of buildings and civilian infrastructure

During August 8-11, 2008 Gori was bombarded numerous time as result 8 apartment blocks were destroyed living about 500 families without house. 15 civilians died, tens more are wounded. About 8 000 IDPs left Gori. About 4000 houses are totally destroyed in the villages of Gori district. Besides, this the hospital of Gori was destroyed.

August 11, 2008 03:05 Villages of Sharabidzeebi, Kapandichi, Makho near Batumi are bombed by Russian planes. Graveyard and villagers’ backyard have been hit. No casualties reported.

August 10, 2008 19:10 “Tbilaviamsheni” aviation factory was bombarded by Russian aviation again. The runway number#2 was destroyed.

August 1018:00 The Black Sea town of Anaklia 280 km from Tbilisi, is bombed by Russian airplanes. Building of the Coastal Guard destroyed, several civilian houses were demaged. Ganmukhuri youth camp was bombed, several houses of the camp demaged.

August 1015:00 Russian airplanes bomb the village of Knolevi in the northern Kareli district.

During August 8-11 2008 Zugdidi and villages of Zugdidi District were bombarded numerous time as result of this

During August 8-11 2008 Chkhalta, administrative center of Upper Abkhazia was bombarded numerous time as result of this nearly all buildings in Ckhalta is destroyed. 

August 9 16:35 The town of Oni in northern Georgia is bombarded by Russian aviation. 12 houses and 1 apartment blocks were destroyed. 1civilian and 1 policeman died 8 wounded.

August 9-10 00:12 and 01:00 Poti, which is located on the Black Sea coast, 260 kilometers west from Tbilisi, is outside the conflict zone and is a pure civilian target was bombarded a twice . 8 civilians died and 30 wounded. Energy supply and anti fire systems of the Port damaged. Port was paralyzed till the morning of 11th of August.

August 10, 2008 01:20 Gatchiani in the Gardabani districts was bombarded, which is 20 kilometers southeast of Tbilisi and outside the conflict zone and is also close to the BTC pipeline, but the pipeline is not damaged.

Damages of communication infrastructure

August 11, 2008 04:37 Civilian radar station in the village of Leninisi in 5 kilometers from downtown Tbilisi.

August 11, 2008 00:30 Civilian radar station in the village of Shavshvebi west of Gori is bombed by Russian planes.


On August 9 Russian Navy prevented Moldovan Cargo Ship Lotus – 1 carrying wheat from entering Poti Port. Lotus – 1 was forced to go back.

Source: Georgian Government

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