Many South Ossetians too scared to go home

For many people who fled South Ossetia, there is an agonising decision to make: do they take the risk of returning home now, or wait until there is confirmation that a complete ceasefire is being respected. In one sanatorium in North Ossetia, more than 300 people have sought refuge.

“We want to go back home, but I get afraid when I think about it,” said one woman. “I wish somebody could guarantee that there won’t be any shooting when we get home. We’re ready to go back, but we are so afraid.”

Containers of blankets, medicine and equipment continue to arrive in Tbilisi on board American military planes. While the US army is officially there just to deliver humanitarian aid, it is a powerful show of support for the Georgian government.

Authorities in Tbilisi are also preparing for an influx of Georgians displaced by the conflict. A tent city has been set up, one of many the authorities say may be needed.

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