Russian troops remain in Georgia

ASD123SDF.jpgRussian tanks and troops are still in and around Georgian towns, days after Moscow declared its military operation was over. For the second day running Georgian police have been trying to persuade Russian troops to leave the town of Gori, after rejecting Russian demands yesterday for joint security patrols.

Russian soldiers have been showing off Georgian weapons they have seized, claiming many are US-made. Moscow has denied reports by US NGO Human Rights Watch that it dropped cluster bombs on Georgian residential areas.

In an omen of conflict to come, Russia has said the world can forget about Georgia gettings its breakaway regions back.

The past week has been characterised by Russian denials of its troop movements. Yesterday Moscow insisted they were not in Poti, then admitted it, claiming they were on an intelligence mission.

The director of the town’s port claimed Russian units had sunk several Georgian navy boats.

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