Georgia claims loss of villages to Abkhaz forces

A034851513.jpgWhile a partial pullout of Russian forces may be underway in Georgia, there was still plenty of military activity to keep observers busy.

Georgia has accused the Russians of setting forest fires near Tbilisi, digging into positions near the capital, and occupying key villages and a power station.

It also said Russian regular forces are supporting separatists from Abkhazia on the Black Sea coast, who have occupied 13 villages on the border, extending their zone of control. Gori, a key town, remained a exercise ground for Russian tanks.

In other places, like Georgia’s key Black Sea port of Poti, the Russians have gone, but have left devastation behind them, sinking Georgian navy ships.

An unidentified group of men also blew up the main north-south railway line at a key bridge. It cuts links to Armenia, and prevents Azerbaijan exporting oil by rail to the west. This act in itself is a major blow both economically and politically, as it puts into question Georgia’s role as a safe and reliable energy crossroads

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