Iran condemns deadly bombing in Lebanon

A03485159.jpgTEHRAN, (ISNA)-Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi slammed recent deadly attack in the Lebanese city of Tripoli on the army, killing at least 15 people.

It is said the bomb had been placed in a bag at a bus stop where soldiers usually gather.

Also according to Lebanese medical sources another 45 people were wounded, four were in a critical condition.

No one has yet claimed the responsibility of the attack in the Lebanese second largest city which has been scene of fighting between security forces and Islamic militants and sectarian violence linked to political tensions in Lebanon.

Qashqavi also declared triggering anarchy and disorder in Lebanon after Lebanon’s national reconciliation government has been formed will only preserve Zionist regimes’ goals.

He also declared Iran is ready to support

Lebanon’s independence and security while recalling Lebanese top officials to be conscious of enemies’ plots.

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