Iran’s Non-Oil Exports Up by 145% in 2 Years

A04852734.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Commerce Minister Masoud Mirkazemi said export of non oil commodities, excluding gas condensates, increased by 145% during March 2004 to March 2006.

Meantime, Mirkazemi also said that export of non oil commodities plus gas condensates increased by 100% during the same period.

Referring to the performance of the ninth government (i.e. Ahmadinejad’s administration), he said that some USD 43.5 billion worth of non oil commodities, with the exception of gas condensates, were exported abroad during the said period.

“The figure indicated 169%t increase compared to the amount exported during the tenure of the eighth government (i.e. Khatami’s administration),” he said.

The minister also indicated that over USD 142.4 billion worth of commodities were imported during the same period.

Meanwhile, the head of the secretariat of the High Council for Export of Non Oil Commodities affiliated to the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran said that some USD 5.8 billion worth of non oil commodities were exported in the first quarter of the current Iranian year.

Leila Baqeban noted that the figure shows a two fold increase compared to the amount for the same period in the previous year.

She put the value of the export of non oil commodities, with the exception of gas condensates, at USD 4.3 billion showing a 147% increase compared to the figure for the same period the previous year.

“Major export commodities included petrochemical products, iron ware, steel, hand woven carpet and pistachio,” Baqeban said.

She added that the top export destinations of Iranian non oil commodities were the UAE followed by China, Iraq, India and Japan.

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