Aid arrives in stricken Georgian town

ASA124222.jpgAid is finally starting to get through to Gori, now that Russian troops look to be loosening their grip on the Georgian town.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent are delivering much-needed supplies to the war-shattered area.. And a UN aid convoy has managed to enter Gori for the first time since the conflict flared up.

It is a small flicker of hope for those who remain here, facing an uncertain future.

“My child is scared to death. I think he has psychological problems. He wakes up in the night shouting “Mum, there are bombs!” We are the real refugees,” she adds,saying those who have made it to Tbilisi have everything.

The Georgian capital is, in fact, struggling to cope with a massive influx of internally displaced people.

Before heading to Russia where many South Ossetians have taken refuge, the head of the International Commitee of the Red Cross has been assessing how humanitarian needs are being met here.

“It is really a place where you can feel in a very strong way to what extent displaced people are uprooted, they are vulnerable and dependent,”
he said.

Work is underway to repair a railway damaged in the fighting. With an estimated 158,000 people displaced by this conflict, in dire need of aid, restoring transport links is an urgent necessity.

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