Iran has not received US request to open interest section

TEHRAN, (ISNA)-The caretaker of Iran’s interests section in the US, Mustafa Rahmani said on Monday that the US has not made any official request to open its interests section in Iran.

According to the Iranian official, the issue was only discussed by some media few months ago but not pursued by Washington.

The US-published newspaper, Washington Post has already released a report saying the country intends to open an interests section in Iran to show its commitment to a diplomatic approach toward Tehran and its nuclear program.

Iran and the US broke off diplomatic ties after the Islamic revolution in 1979 and the seizer of the US embassy in Tehran.

According to the Iranian official, the US media describe the move a step forward benefiting the US president’s policies.

Also concerning the Iranian president’s upcoming trip to New York, he said “we hope to invite over 2000 Iranians living near this state to meet the president.

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