Russian invaders destroy civilian infrastructure of Georgia

88_1.jpgOn picture: Members of pro-Moscow Abkhaz formations.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls upon the international community to stop Russian actions aimed at destroying the Georgian statehood. The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia released an official statement on Saturday.

“Despite the international community’s efforts and the signing of documents on cessation of hostilities, the Russian Federation’s armed forces continue military actions against Georgia, destroying civilian infrastructure”, said in the statement.


“On 16 August 2008 troops of the Russian occupation army mined and exploded the Metekhi-Grakali span of the railway bridge in the Kaspi district (Eastern Georgia).


This subversive-terrorist act resulted in the severing of railway links between the east and west of Georgia and connections with Georgia’s seaports. Moreover, the bridge used to provide a route for refugees from the Russian-occupied territories into safe places”, the statement says.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia states that “Russia is pursuing deliberate policy aimed at undermining Georgia’s statehood, including through bringing about humanitarian catastrophe”.


Meanwhile, the Kremlin has officially signed the ceasefire agreement to end Georgian-Russian conflict, consisting of six previously agreed principles.


Earlier peace plan was signed by Georgian President Saakashvili. Moscow also insisted to have signatures of puppet leaders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the document.


The “six-point plan” of resolving the conflict was developed during the meeting of Sarkozy and Medvedev in Moscow on August 12.


The six principles:


1. No recourse to use violence between the protagonists.


2. The cessation of hostilities.


3. The granting of access to humanitarian aid.


4. The return of Georgian armed forces to their usual quarters.


5. Russian armed forces to withdraw to the positions held before hostilities began in South Ossetia.


6. The opening of international discussions on the modalities of security and stability of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


There were no signs of Russian forces withdrawal from the position they are in control of outside the conflict zones, Georgian mass media reports.


The Russian troops remain in control of Gori and even advanced further to other areas. An eyewitness told Civil.Ge on August 16 to have seen at least 20 Russian armored vehicles in Khashuri, a small town, on the major highway, in the west from Gori.


Reports are coming from various locations across the territories now under the control of the Russian forces, that they were digging in positions at those locations.

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