Iran’s Aid Convoy Enters Georgia

A03444641.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s first convoy of relief supplies for the displaced people of the Georgian city of Gori was delivered to the city’s officials.

Iran’s Embassy in Tbilisi announced that the Islamic Republic’s humanitarian supplies including canned food, flour, cooking oil, sugar, tea leaves, and biscuits, were delivered to a camp of thousands of the victims of the recent conflict in the city of Gori, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

The 10-day confrontation around South Ossetia has killed more than 170 Georgians, dealt a blow to the Georgian military, damaged the country’s economy, and disrupted road and rail links.

On Monday, Kremlin announced start of pullout from Georgia but is yet to comply with its commitments to the ceasefire agreement Moscow signed with Tbilisi government last week.

Russia mounted its biggest military deployment outside its borders since the 1991 collapse of the former Soviet Union after Georgia sent a force on August 7-8 to recapture the Moscow-backed province of South Ossetia.

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