Russia still to meet its own deadline for withdrawal from Georgia

Russia is under increasing Western pressure to meet its own Friday deadline to pull its troops out of Georgia. However, those on the ground say there is little evidence of any large-scale military withdrawal.

The White House said it had seen signs that Russia was pulling out some of its forces but needs to move faster.

The Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia enjoy Moscow’s support, but they have yet to receive guarantees from Russia that it would recognise their independence.

Abkhazia’s self-styled parliament has issued a plea for Russian recognition of its independence and called for a Russian military base in the region.

At the United Nations, Russia handed out its own resolution to bring peace to the region. The text restated the six-point plan promoted by the French and signed in Moscow and Tbilisi last week.

The West wants to avoid giving the plan UN recognition, as Moscow has already ignored its provisions by failing to withdraw its troops.

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