Mottaki urges U.S. not to seek illegitimate position and interest

TEHRAN, Aug. 22 (ISNA)-foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki urged the U.S. not to seek for illegitimate position and interest in the international arena.

Iran’s foreign minister said that the United States is confronting various problems in the region because of its unilateral approaches and “Iraq is the center of its failure.”

The U.S. relations with other countries should be within its geographical boundaries and it should not seek illegitimate position and interests in the international arena, he noted.

Iran requires Iraq’s security, he stated adding Tehran’s foreign policy curve in different eras shows its honesty in aiding the resolve of regional crisis.

Iran’s foreign policy priority is increasing ties with regional countries and neighbors he said and continued “remaining committed to its principles Tehran wants to preserve security and stability in the region.”

Mottaki also asserted that Islamic countries could aid each others’ perfection despite pressures through promoting economic ties.

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