Russian, Swiss, Canadian Firms Bidding on Iran Reactor Projects

196314.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian official said Teheran has signed contracts to establish six nuclear power plants by 2021.

Iran is also waiting for its first nuclear reactor in Bushehr to come into operation by 2009.

The effort has been led by Iran’s state-owned Nuclear Energy Production Co. Company director Ahmad Fayyaz Bakhsh said six Iranian companies have been contracted to find locations for nuclear reactors.

“The (search) process could last for another 13 months,” Fayyaz Bakhsh said.

One Iranian company contracted to search for nuclear sites was identified as Khatam Ol Anbia. Fayyaz Bakhsh said two Russian, one Canadian and a Swiss company were seeking to join Iran’s nuclear reactor project.

“After finalizing the locations, construction of the power plants can begin,” he said.

Iran has also reported the launch of construction of at least one indigenous nuclear reactor, a 360 megawatt facility at Darkhoveyn near the Iraqi border. Officials said negotiations have been conducted with Russia for additional nuclear facilities.

“Darkhoin is under basic design, and there has been a nine-year scheme drafted for its construction,” Fayyaz Bakhsh said.

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