Dismissed to ‘reserve’ Yamadayev says that 20 Chechen girls left for the mountains

49_1.jpgIn his interview to Utro.ru website, a ringleader of “Vostok” (East) gang who had just been dismissed to “reserve” with preservation of “ranks and awards”, said that a number of young people, who leave for the mountains to the Mujahideen increasing in Chechnya and other parts of the Caucasus Emirate.  

He also said that recently 20 Chechen girls left for the mountains to join the Jihad.


“There is information that 20 girls from 15 to 20 years left for the forest in Chechnya….  The exodus continues.  We have the data on who goes into the mountains. There are people from Saudi Arabia in Jamaahs who fighting in Chechnya. We know who feeds them. If previously their strength was diminishing, then this year they got a lot of people. Number of clashes and casualties are increased.


The Jamaahs have intensified in Dagestan and Ingushetia. If we won’t normally work now in the North Caucasus, then a South Ossetia would be repeated elsewhere, or a third campaign in Chechnya will be provided. The fight with our ones and the displacement of unwanted led the Wahhabis to raise their heads. Caucasus is Russia’s vulnerable place. Many want to blow it up in order to weaken Russia”, the ringleader of “Vostok” gang Sulim Yamadaev said.

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