EDFC Praises ‘Snow’ Director Aida Begic

A04129575.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Experimental and Documentary Film Center (EDFC) managing director lauded Bosnian director Aida Begic for her efforts in making the film “Snow”.

Mohammad Afarideh expressed his appreciation before the film opening at the 14th annual Sarajevo Film Festival at the Sarajevo National Theater on August 22, Tehran Times reported.

EDFC is among the sponsors of the movie. “Snow” is a joint production of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, France, and Iran.

Producer Elma Tataragi was also present at the ceremony and expressed her satisfaction over the collaboration with Iran.

Afarideh remarked that the people of Iran empathized with Bosnian Muslims and shared the pain they went through during the war, and that this joint production demonstrates their mutual affection and friendship.

“Snow” is set in the small isolated village of Slavno four years after the war in Bosnia. A government delegation comes to Slavno, offering the villagers money to leave the village. But, the villagers, mostly women, find it hard to abandon their home and decide to fight for their freedom and the survival of Slavno.

The film was awarded the International Critics Week Grand Prize at the Cannes Festival in May.

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