Kouchner claims ethnic cleansing in Georgia

European foreign ministers have been outraged by Russia’s actions in Georgia, and France’s Bernard Kouchner went on French television last night to make a spectacular allegation.

If his claims are backed up with solid evidence, then international condemnation of Russia could build, but for some it may already be too late.

“I just want to say, here’s the map of South Ossetia, and here’s a town called Akhalgori, and I’ve been told that tonight Russian troops are sweeping through it pushing Georgians out and over the border. It’s ethnic cleansing, creating a homogeneous South Ossetia. That is unacceptable, we can’t accept everything,” said Kouchner, jabbing at a map on the evening news.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Milliband is in Ukraine today along with Kouchner as they try to build a united coalition of nations critical of Russia. He said Georgia’s territorial integrity cannot be modified by decree from Moscow, and that its recognition of the two new states inflames an already tense situation.

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