Ferdowsi’s Borzunameh Animated in Iran

r8.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran’s Saba Art and Culture Center has recently produced “Rustam and Borzu”, an animation written by Mohammadreza Yusefi based on Ferdowsi’s Borzunameh.

Amir Mohammadzadeh and Salman Khorshidi spent two years creating the animation, which has been directed by Nima Meigoli and Kamyar Khosravi.

An MNA reported quoted Meigoli as telling the Persian service of ISNA that the project contained a large number of characters, which made it hard to design. “In the previous projects the number of characters was more than 2,000, while we had to design 10,000 characters for this one. It took us more than a year just to complete the characters,” he said.

The animation features the story of Borzu, the grandson of Rustam, who was born to Shahrbanu from the land of Turan.

After Rustam, Sohrab’s father, kills him in the land of Iran, Shahrbanu, Sohrab’s wife trains his brave warrior son, Borzu, to take revenge from his grandfather. Borzu heads to Iran to fight with Rustam, but his fiancé was abducted by a white demon in Iran and Borzu is forced to go through seven exploits to release her.

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