Prisoners exchanged but mistrust remains

Another prisoner exchange has taken place between Georgia and South Ossetia, after the short war earlier this month.A total of 85 Georgians who had been held in Tshkinvali have been transported across the border. They are said to be the last of a group of civilians who were captured during the conflict.

In turn 13 South Ossetians were allowed home. Among them were individuals jailed on terrorism charges before the war.

But each side believes the other is still holding back. The European Council’s Human Rights Commissioner, Thomas Hammerberg, said: “As there is now a system having developed of negotiators and others who support this I would appeal to the politicians and decision makers on both sides to give all their support to all people who have been involved already for them to continue this work.”

A number of prisoner exchanges have taken place this week, but Georgia believes some of its soldiers are still in captivity.

South Ossetia said it had documentary evidence that a number of its citizens, including some who were injured, were still being held captive.

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