Turkish Education Minister Arrives in Iran

A02424741.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish National Education Minister Huseyin Celik arrived in Tehran on Tuesday to discuss bolstering of educational and cultural relations between the two countries.

Celik was welcomed by his Iranian counterpart Alireza Ali Ahmadi.

Celik, who is paying the visit at the invitation of the Iranian Education Minister, will have a meeting with Ali Ahmadi on Wednesday. He will also meet Iranian Science, Research and Technology Minister Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi the same day.

Celik and Iranian ministers are expected to discuss how to improve relations between the two countries on education and culture.

“Cooperation in psychology, Turkish language and higher education in Iran will be the main topics I will debate with Iranian authorities,” Celik told reporters before he flew to Tehran.

Celik said that he would launch initiatives to open a Turkish language education department at Tehran and Tabriz universities.

The minister also said that Turkey could be a place where Iranian students and students from other Middle Eastern countries could get education.

Celik is expected to return to Turkey on Friday.

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