Hottest Point on Earth Registered in Iran

A02321139.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A documentary film group registered the hottest point on Earth in the district of Gandom-Berian (Parched corn) in Shahdad desert in Kerman province with the temperature of 63 degrees centigrade on Wednesday.

The group headed by a famous environmentalist Mohammad Ali Ilanlo registered the temperature as well as pictures of the area on Wednesday afternoon.

Ilanlo, who also heads the Institute of Eco-Tourism, told IRNA If the temperature had been registered in July it could have reached 70 degrees centigrade.

He said the area is about 480 square kilometers.

Ilanlo said the area is located 80 kilometers north of Shahdad and it is 300 meters above sea level.

Simultaneously, a group of mountaineers climbed to the “Jaftan Mountain” which is 3,900 meters high, and said the temperature there was only 9 degrees centigrade.

The mountain is located 60 kilometers west of Shahdad and is 140 kilometers from “Gandom-Berian”.

Professor Parviz Kardavani, a well known expert on desert studies, had already registered the temperature 67 degrees centigrade in the area in the month of July.

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