Iran Boosts Progress in Telecommunications Sector

A00886385.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- A number of 290 telecommunication projects were inaugurated in Esfahan Province on Saturday.

The projects include urban telephone center, telecommunications office, mobile phones BTS website, development projects for networks within cities and rural mobile services.

More than 175,495,000,000 rials (about 17.5m dollars) has been invested on the projects.

Speaking during the opening ceremonies of the said projects in the city of Kashan, the deputy minister of telecommunications and information technology said the tender on the third mobile operator would be held in the near future.

He added that the third operator would provide 15 million mobile telephone lines for people in 15 years.

Samad Mo’menbellah said that positive measures have been taken across the country for the development of telecommunications.

He also pointed out that within three years there has been a growth of 295 per cent in mobile phones sector, 298 per cent in landlines, 163 per cent in information technology and 534 per cent in rural ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

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