Kish Island, Pearl of Persian Gulf

A0088638.jpgTEHRAN (FNA)- Kish Island off the Iranian coasts in the Persian Gulf is one of the Middle East’s most popular tourist destinations. The free trade zone draws one-and-a-half million visitors each year to its shopping centers, resort hotels, beaches and festivals.

Kish Island is a hot destination during the summer months – and not only because temperatures can soar to 35 degrees Celsius. The island’s free trade status and liberal atmosphere offer a lot to foreign tourists.

A Chinese tourist said, “It is amazing; it is a modern place for tourists, for everything like that. But it is very hot. I think maybe it is the best place of Iran, the best island of Iran.”

Every year, thousands of Iranians travel to the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai, where they can spend their vacation in a relaxed environment.

But some Iranians believe Kish stands far above Dubai in terms of natural beauty.

An Iranian traveler told Reuters, “It is a very beautiful island with palms and a green landscape. I was in Dubai a couple of months ago. When I compare it with Dubai, I become really certain that Dubai does not have even one-third of Kish’s beauty.”

The Kish Dolphin Park is another tourist attraction. It offers visitors live dolphin and seal shows accompanied by techno and dance hits of Iranian and foreign singers.

Summer festivals are also held in Kish to encourage travelers to come to the island during the hot and humid summers.

Another Iranian traveler said, ” Kish is a cool, lovely and interesting place. We could only come down here and have fun… .”

Programs such as drawing and pop concerts are held as part of the festival.

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