Pyrrhic victory in Russia

57_1.jpgBrazen invasion of Georgia by the Russian troops has become the last straw to break the back of tolerance of the international community, which in its policies towards the Kremlin over the recent years has been copying the outdated policies of the free world towards “pacification” of Hitler’s regime in mid-20th century.  


Until August 2008 only a few Western politicians have had proper understanding of the grave danger that the totalitarian regime of the present-day KGB, which has been ruling Russia over the past years, poses to the world’s civilization. After the large-scale August invasion accompanied by carpet bombings, mass murders of peaceful civilians far from the zone of the military conflict, and the campaign of total disinformation by the Russian mass media, not a single country in the world has any doubters left. The beastly grin of Russian imperialism, whose true goal is to subdue the entire world, has now become manifest to everyone.


The result of this belated realization will be the unification of the international community, which will put its bygone magnanimity aside and will start treating Russia the way it has long deserved. The evacuation of the funds is already in full swing, which has already led to the drop of Russian indices and plummeting of the Russian ruble. All kinds of economic sanctions are coming up, as well as increasing the control over imports of dual-purpose goods into Russia and ban on introducing any advanced technologies to Russia. Sure, no one is going to talk about the G8 anymore, which has now returned to the good old format of G7: a totalitarian regime that cynically violates the UN Charters does in no way belong to the elite club of the leading democratic powers.


Thus, the victory over Georgia in all aspects has become a “pyrrhic victory” for Russia. For example, the Kremlin can no longer even think of its bygone friendship with Ukraine. It is now totally meaningless to keep seducing that country with any political or, at worst, economic alliance. It is clear that Ukraine is now completely in the NATO, and from now on to any Ukrainian Russia is a foreign and hostile power. Any brotherhood of nations is totally out of the question: no person of common sense will even think of being friends with the imperialists unable to control their behavior, and thus share responsibility for their predatory attacks on neighboring nations.


Now and forever, Russia has joined the club of the rogue nations at its own will. The only opportunity it is left with is to develop and strengthen its multilateral relationship with the ones of its kind: with Iran, Belarus, Venezuela and North Korea. That is, to go against the flow, in accordance with its time-honored tradition; to build its special world of its own in another dimension, in accordance with the rules that are totally different from the ones commonly accepted in the civilized society.


Yuri Pavlenko, Ukraine


Department of Correspondence,


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